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iOS Transfer, Manage iOS Devices Easily & Effortlessly

Transfer music, photos, videos and playlists from your iPhone, iPad& iPod to iTunes Library& PC and vice versa, manage music, photos, contacts and SMS freely.

Compatible with Windows 10, iTunes 12, iOS9, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
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iTunes Library Corrupted? Not Enough Storage on Your iPhone? Fix It Here!

Transfer/Manage Music, Photos … Between iOS Devices and iTunes/PC

Sync all your devices – iOS file transfer, transfer music (purchased/downloaded), photos, playlists, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U and audio books from one iDevice to your PC, iTunes or any other iDevice. All file information will remain intact even after the transfer, including the ratings.

tunesgo transfers data between iphone and itunes

Transfer/Manage Music and Playlists Without iTunes Restrictions

With this iOS file transfer app, you can easily transfer your device’s music library and share your playlists with iTunes, iOS Devices or any PC you select. Simply connect your device and share music with the complete information of the songs with just one click. As an extra bonus, the iOS file transfer app will also identify the duplicates and only copy unique files.

What's Smart About It?

  • Copy music to iTunes, iDevice or PC.
  • Transfer and share all music elements from your iDevice, including album artwork, playlists, ID3 tags, ratings, play counts etc.
  • Automatically convert iOS-unsupported formats to compatible ones.
  • Fix & optimize songs’ incomplete ID3 information to iPhone directly.
  • Lossless Audio Quality – Maintain 100% original audio quality after transferring.
  • Share purchased music with different apple IDs.


  • Intelligently recognize duplicate music files and thus transfer only unique ones.
  • Transfer not only songs but entire playlists at one time.
  • Transfer music & playlists without iTunes restriction.
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Transfer Between iOS Devices Directly

Want to share stuff to all your iDevices or with your friends? Bored of repeatedly syncing your devices with iTunes? With this iOS file transfer app, you can do this easily with just one click.

tunesgo transfers data between iphones
tunesgo transfers data between iphone and android
Connect multiple Apple devices to your PC at the same time. You can connect your iPhone and iPad to PC simultaneously, and also transfer music from your iPhone to iPad with this iOS file transfer app.
tunesgo music transfer
Without iTunes installed on your PC, you can transfer music, photos or any other files directly to your iPhone, iPod and iPad with a single click.
tunesgo supports all ios devices
The iOS file transfer app is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod classic and others.

Smart iOS Transfer Tool & Manager STAR FEATURES

TunesGo Retro is a user-friendly iOS transfer tool and manager that offers excellent service and experience for users. Below are some of the star features, which deserve your close attention.

tunesgo fix song information


Automatically fix and populate album art, song information, album information and more. This powerful audio forensics database is similar to the one utilized by iTunes and can even detect unique remixes.

tunesgo transfers data selectively


Intelligently export exclusive files to iTunes, so you only copy what’re missing in your music library and automatically filter the duplicate files.

tunesgo de-duplicates data


Smartly merge all duplicate contacts when you combine the contacts from different sources by clicking the De-duplicate button.

tunesgo backup and restore music and video


Back up your songs, along with all other related music elements to iTunes, including ratings, play counts, ID3 tags and skips, which helps create iTunes new smart playlists. Moreover all the files can be transferred at the same time with a single click.

iTunes Library Lost or Damaged?

Rebuild iTunes Library

If you have a new PC or have suffered a system crash, then the iOS transfer file app can rebuild your entire iTunes library from your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Simply connect the devices and export your music and videos with all the song information (ID3 Tags), as well as playlists, play counts, ratings, skips and more.

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Convert Live Photos from iPhone 6s to GIF Image

iPhone 6s live photos are live photos on iPhone 6s by creating a moving image. But they will become still images while on computer or other devices. The only way to keep these live photos is to convert them to animated GIF images. TunesGo Retro has been updated to support converting iPhone 6s live photos to GIF images.

tunesgo convert live photos to gif images

Convert Photos or Video on Apple Device to GIF Image

TunesGo Retro allows us to convert photos or video on Apple Devices or PC to GIF image, which makes it far more interesting to share the content. Moreover, GIF image can compress photos or video and will be more space-saving, which makes social sharing more convenient.

tunesgo converts video to gif


  • tunesgo copy to itunesCopy to iTunes: Automatically detect the difference files between iTunes and iPhone and only transfer what's missing.
  • tunesgo fix musicFix Music: Automatically fix and populate album art, song information, album information and more.
  • tunesgo transfers photosTransfer Photos: Transfer and manage photos with different types and topics, such as Camera Roll, Photo Library etc.
  • tunesgo merge duplicated contactsMerge Duplicate Contacts: Manage contacts, automatically detect the duplicate contacts and then merge them.
  • tunesgo transfers smsTransfer SMS: Transfer SMS, iMessages from iPhone to computer and release more space for your iPhone.

TunesGo - iOS Devices

iOS Transfer, Manage iOS Devices Easily & Effortlessly