That`s What Happened In The Past Year …


New Android Malwares Created Every Year

300 Million

Android Devices Have Been Infected


People Haven’t Taken Any Security Measures

Is Your Mobile Safe? It`s Time To Test Your Android Device`s Security Level And Know How To Improve It.


Android Security Test - A Chane To Know Your Device And Win A Galaxy S8

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1. What is your Android version

2. Have you ever rooted your phone?

3. Have you allowed Apps from "Unknown Source " to install on your phone?

4. Have you installed any security app on your phone?

5. Do you lock up your screen using a password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint?

6. Will you make transactions or transmit sensitive data under public wifi?

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You got: {{score}} for Your Mobile Security

You got: {{score}} for Your Mobile Security

You got: {{score}} for Your Mobile Security

You got: {{score}} for Your Mobile Security



Your phone is at risk! It`s strongly recommended that you backup your files immediately, keep your phone updated with latest security patches from Google or manufactors and install anti-virus apps to scan your phone.

Not so good!

Your phone is vulnerable to Android virus and you may need to backup your important files regularly in case any virus attack may destroy them. Also, measures should be taken to improve your phone`s security level.


Your Android security score is better than most of the other people`s. Generally your phone is safe. But you still need to keep an eye on common threats such as mobile virus and trojans.


Your Android security score is among the top 10%, you phone is safe and sound. Just keep it on!

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Protect Android From Virus

2.1 Basic Security Tips for Android Users

Set a password

Lock your phone with a password or fingerprint detection is the bare minimum level of security, which would prevent others accessing your phone and your content easily.

Turn Off Wifi Autoconnection

Use public wifi carefully and disable default search for open wireless connections. Try not to make transactions or transmit sensitive data while using public wifi because it is inherently insecure.

Mind the Permissions

When you install an app from Google Play, a list of requested permissions will pop up to show you what permission the app requires. Apps require permissions to do things but not all of them are necessary.

Download Apps Carefully

Just never download an app from third-party platforms and websites which might be infected, staying on Google Play and not allowing apps from unknown sources keeps you relatively safe.

Get A Security App

Download anti-malware for your mobile device. If you do happen to download a malicious app or open a malicious attachment, mobile anti-malware protection can prevent the infection.

2.2How to Remove Virus from Android

2.3Apps & Tools to Protect Your Android from Virus

Backup Android - Make Solid Backup of Your Android Phone in Case
Any Virus Attack May Happen

  • • Backup contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more on your Android devices to PC.
  • • Phone to Phone Transfer - Transfer everything between two mobiles.
  • • Transfer, manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
  • • Fully compatible with Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, etc.

CopyCat and Android Virus

3.1About The Outbreak Of CopyCat

Android Malware ‘CopyCat’ is a new android virus that affects millions of devices with fake apps to churn out fraudulent ad revenue. This CopyCat Malware would pretend to root phones and hijack apps. Google has been tracking this malware for last two years and has now updated the play store to block CopyCat. But millions of victims have been hit currently with this virus through third-party app download and phishing attacks.

Check Point's research team identified that CopyCat android device malware infected about 14 million devices in 2 months, 8 million devices were rooted by CopyCat, 3.8 million mobile devices were infected by this malware for ads fraud, 4.9million apps were install fraudulently and more than 4.4million of credit of users was stolen for installing paid apps. CopyCat malware which included capabilities to root the devices, establish persistency, enable to inject malicious piece of code in Zygote - a malware allows its author to launch apps on android device, enable fully access of the infected device.

3.2Common Virus Types for Android Devices

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