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Ringtone Maker for Android

It is convenient to make the ringtone in Android Phone.  You can decide any songs as your ringtone. However, are you confusing about how to customize the favourite part of one song as your ringtone rather than using a whole song?  Wondershare TunesGo has the strong capability to support you making ringtone and adding ringtone to your iPhone.  More importantly, you can customize your specific part of a song so you can enjoy your favourite period of the song as your ringtone.  Just follow the steps as below:

Video Tutorial: Ringtone Maker for Android

Step 1. Launch Wondershare TunesGo and connect your Android phone with the computer.

Ringtone Maker for Android - connect devices with computer

Step 2. Make and add ringtone.

Click Music icon at the top of the interface, then you will enter the Music window as the default page; if not, click Music on the left sidebar.  Then, click Ringtone Maker button, from the pop-up window, we will find the options for selecting the local music or device music to make your Ringtone.

Ringtone Maker for Android - click on ringtone maker button

Ringtone Maker for Android - choose local music or device music

While you choose the Local Music:

Ringtone Maker for Android - choose local music

While you choose the Device Music:

Ringtone Maker for Android - select device music

Also, you can choose the music directly from the music window by clicking right click on the selected music. Like shown below:

Ringtone Maker for Android - right click to make ringtone

While you selected your targeted music, Wondershare TunesGo will automatically play the whole song.  From that, you can pick your specific part for your ringtone by controling the blue area as shown below. After specific period of the music was selected, you can click on the Ringtone Audition to review the selected part and make sure it's the right part you want to be your ringtone on your Android.

Ringtone Maker for Android - by controlling blue area

You can also set the start and finish point by clicking the play head with the buttons of Set to start and set to finish.

Ringtone Maker for Android - set the start and finish time

In addition, if you know which minute,second of the music you like to customize for your ringtone, you can directly type the time period in the window.

Ringtone Maker for Android - set the specific timing

NOTE:  TunesGo only allows you to customize maximum 40s length for your ringtone. So you can decide which part of the music you want after listening whole song played in the window.  Also, when you find the ringtone music from the music tab on the Music menu,the name of the ringtone music is automatically named as the "music name_ringtone".

How to set your Ringtone on the Android

Step 1.Open the setting button on the Android and choose the Sounds and notifications or Sounds option.  From the screen,you may need to select the music from the local music.  However, some Android phones may need to select from the local music directly to set the ringtone you just customize.

Ringtone Maker for Android - set ringtone on Android

Note:  It is not supported to make Apple Music as your phone ringtone due to the encryption of Apple.