TunesGo (Mac) - iOS Devices Product Reviews

2016-04-02 01:00:16
Excellent by Magda

Muy buena

2015-04-11 04:52:21
Mrz by Alfons


2015-03-26 08:21:09
awesome by Alina

Awesome, fast, very intuitive and easy to use. After (unsuccessfully) trying to move selected audio from my Mac to Iphone for over 30min, i was literally crying with frustration about iTunes. Your product solved my issue in 30 seconds...Thanks!!

2015-03-18 21:24:53
I am totally amazed... by Frank Romo

First and foremost, I am not a techno geek (no bad inference) I am totally technically challenged. I called my son to come and delete my photos off my iPad Air 2, because I didn''t have the room to make an upgrade. He''s so buried with his work projects and hasn''t had a chance to drop in, I installed the iOS version for the MAC, no problem, I set up the iPad as instructed and after a few trial and errors, BAM! I was able to delete 6gbs of unwanted photos. I''ve acquired the ileef iBridge storage flash drive and now have all my photos on it as well as my music lists, total 20gbs, I''ve still got 40gbs of room on my flash drive, amazing! Get this and use it to solve your issues, I couldn''t do it my using iTunes because it''s too convoluted, this app smokes it all!!!

2015-01-25 11:04:29
Amazing Software. by Omar Gonzalez

It works great, it made my life easier. Transferring my music from Ipad to Macbook Pro or vice versa has never been so easy. Thanks guys, you really know what you are doing.

2014-05-14 23:45:07
Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) Review by Ella

Nice software to use it.

2013-11-21 21:13:24
Get my iTunes Music Library Back!!! by Claire

My Mac had suddenly died and lost my iTunes music. So I thought i'll lost the songs forever until a search found me MobileGo for iOS. It worked flawlessly to copy music from my ipod touch to my iTunes music Library on Mac.

2013-10-29 20:41:05
works so well in OS X Mavericks by Clara

tried it in the latest OS X Mavericks. It does such an amazing job to copy songs from my iphone 5s OS 7 to iMac. Well done!

2013-10-29 20:38:40
wanna recommend it to people by Cara

I have used MobileGo for iOS (Mac) for some years now and I am very happy to recommend it. I have used it many times to backup my iphone to my macbook air.

2013-10-23 22:04:56
Best iTunes alternative for Mac by Ron

itunes is bloated and slow! MobileGo for iOS Mac is the best alternative out there