TunesGo Product Reviews

2017-04-13 16:33:10
good by haidor

can you add huawei smart phone (honor 5x) to application : to make root ........please thanks

2017-04-03 04:34:36
Great by Magnus Offnegårdh


2017-03-13 00:19:46
great by Heidi


2017-02-01 02:28:28
Rooting by Jose Carreira

I am very impressed with this program, and will buy it but only when i can root my Xiaomi note 4 4G

2016-12-24 21:48:15
great great by leo

i have been using tunesGO 8.0 for a day and has been working like magic, very fast to convert from youtube to mp3, no drama at all TUNESGO 8.0 is a goer

2016-10-24 17:31:06
Leagoo Elite 1 by Happy

Rooted this phone because a lot of Chinese phones come with system apps that download adware and badware through the Leagoo Market,Leagoo share,Leagoo Beauty Makeup(bad) .Those infiltrated system apps started Side Loading bad-Ad sites in Chrome and redirecting my browser to PIOCE.COM adware redirect full of bugs.Those system-apps even install straight after System reset even though no wifi or cellular data is connected so its INBUILT in the MTK chip.I installed EvieLauncher(Awesome) to bypass the chrome which works but the systems app could not be deleted so they were still talking back to programmer to send more crap to my phone as my Kasapersky and Malware Bytes were cracking up constantly about trojan malware. I found there are alot of scammer root software out there and the ones that did load could not PARSE on my phone. Wondershare is clean ,NO ADDS and dose what it says as long as you follow the basic steps it asks for to gain basic SU access before rooting properly.My phone is rooted and I deleted the bad system apps and straight away Kaspersky cracked up saying the recycle bin has infected files.Cleaned the Apps with SYSTEM APP REMOVER (ROOT) 1 add no malicious.Locked down SU access and my phone is way way FASTER, Evie Launcher replaced the Leagoo Launcher and now Phone is saved from a hammer its working how its supposed to as it was designed in Spain then infected by re-sellers in china.I recommend this software for models that other rooters cannot find like TowelR.

2016-08-29 04:10:33
awesome! by viana


2016-08-08 22:14:43
Retrieved old message an call log by Cindy Owens

Need for this phone

2016-08-05 12:06:39
Could not have been easier. by jerry

It was a little pricey but it was very easy to use. I tried a different product yesterday and wasted an afternoon trying to get it to work.

2016-08-01 14:09:39
A very good program by Alec

I like this program a lot because it lets me move my music from one device to another real quick. The only problem i have us the you tube down loader keeps saying that i need a flash player. It used to work before but then it just stopped. hope this gets fixed soon