TunesGo Product Reviews

2016-04-23 17:23:27
genial by ale

es muy buena

2015-04-14 22:01:58
An outstanding product by Harold Shapiro

I am so impressed by the speed with which streaming is recorded and the music identified. Thereafter the transfer from TuneGo to my record library is seamless and the clarity is superb. I highly recommend this product and congratulate Wondershare on producing a program that as far as I am aware is unrivaled. The Wondershare team are also so quick to respond to emails and take a great deal of care in addressing user concerns. Thanks to all at Wondershare

2015-03-27 01:21:22
Good software but I miss something by Jo

Very good program! just a pity that you can not make a choice in the quality of the mp3 that you download on recorder. The program streaming audio recorder, it was a great option in that program. That''s something I do miss. Maybe that can be integrated into future updates.

2015-02-16 01:23:47
Everything is Awesome by James

This is absolutely awesome software to bypass the restriction set on you by apple while you are the owner of the idevice. With this wonderful software, you can copy music directly to your ipad without restriction. Thanks Wondershare TunesGo

2015-01-24 18:44:30
THanks for. Good soft, by Kouzou. Kawamata

"Wonder share"soft are very kind for us-beginner. And helpful for foreigner.

2015-01-06 23:51:40
Worth the money by chennbo

it is stable and suitable for all the people;it is easy to use

2014-11-30 19:50:35
Brilliant! It worked! by Amy Hall

Now I can transfer my music however I want without iTunes'' sync getting in the way, this is freakin'' awesome!

2014-11-30 19:13:54
iTunes 12 is finally bearable because of TunesGo by Darren Corbett

Upgraded to iTunes 12 and found it unintuitive and ghastly hard to use, found an iTunes companion named TunesGo and here I am overjoyed with the results. Thanks for making this wonderful program!