How to Use TunesGo - Android Devices

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Rebuild iTunes Library

Video Tutorial: Toolbox - Rebuild iTunes Library

How to Rebuild iTunes Library

You can transfer music, videos, movies, playlists from Android back to iTunes with TunesGo.

Step 1. Launch Wondershare TunesGo and connect your Android phone or tablet to PC. Simply click Rebuild iTunes Library on the main interface. Or you can find the Rebuild iTunes Library option under Toolbox > Transfer Tools section.

Rebuild iTunes Library from Android

Step 2. You need to click Start to go ahead with the process. TunesGo would auto-detects the differences between files on your Android device and iTunes, and only copies what's missing, including music, videos, playlists, artworks, etc.

Transfer from Android to iTunes Library

Step 3. Check options and Start to copy media to iTunes.

Scanning of files will be done and will show you the files on your device which are not present on your iTunes. You can transfer music, videos and other file types from Android to iTunes, which will be shown by default. You can select the ones which you wish to copy. After selecting the files, click Start to start transferring the files from Android to iTunes.

Transfer Android Media Files to iTunes Library

Transfer Android Media to iTunes